Welcome to the DRomicsInterpreter-shiny application
A second workflow for interpretation in light of a biological annotation

Links and resources

The DRomicsInterpreter-shiny application runs on the shiny server of the LBBE with the develoment version of the DRomics package (available on Github ).

DRomics is also an R package, available on CRAN . You can find more information and help about the DRomicsInterpreter-shiny application and the DRomics package on this web page .

Reading the vignette first and using the cheat sheet (both are available on this this page ) are recommended.

Citation and publications

If you use Dromics Shiny App, you should cite:

DRomics: a turnkey tool to support the use of the dose-response framework for omics data in ecological risk assessment.
Larras F, Billoir E, Baillard V, Siberchicot A, Scholz S, Wubet T, Tarkka M, Schmitt-Jansen M and Delignette-Muller ML (2018). Environmental Science & Technology. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.est.8b04752

You can freely find this article at: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02309919

You can also look at the following citation for a complete example of use:

A multi-omics concentration-response framework uncovers novel understanding of triclosan effects in the chlorophyte Scenedesmus vacuolatus.
Larras F, Billoir E, Scholz S, Tarkka M, Wubet T, Delignette-Muller ML, Schmitt-Jansen M (2020). Journal of Hazardous Materials. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.122727


If you have any need that is not yet covered, any feedback on the package / Shiny app, or any training needs, feel free to email us at dromics@univ-lyon1.fr .

Issues can be reported on https://github.com/aursiber/DRomics/issues .

Import and merge of DRomics results and annotation data

Structure of the data frame merged and combined


First 3 lines of each experimental level in the data frame merged and combined

Trend and sensitivity plots

Selection of annotation groups to plot  

Structure of the data frame merged and combined

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BMD plots (with and without gradient)

Curves plot


To see what more you can do using the R package, we recommend you to consult the vignette and the cheat sheet (links to all resources here ).

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