MareyMap Online

A web-service for estimating recombination rates along the genome

MareyMap relies on comparing the genetic and the physical maps of a given chromosome to estimate local recombination rates (given by the slope of the curve describing the relationship between both variables).
This graphical method is called the Marey map method and was introduced by A. Chakravarti in 1991.
MareyMap accepts Marey map data as input (genetic and physical positions of markers for a set of chromosomes of a species) and will return local recombination rate estimates.
MareyMap Online offers a simplified version of the R package MareyMap (Siberchicot et al. 2015 ; Rezvoy et al. 2007).
A database including Marey map data is provided, please consider leaving your own curated data for enriching the database.

Datasets included in the MareyMap Online database

MareyMap Online has been developped by Adrien Bessy, Aurélie Siberchicot, Laurent Guéguen and Gabriel Marais.

It runs on the shiny server of the LBBE .

If you have any questions, contact Aurélie Siberchicot at